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Error 410 Gone


My name is Steve Ivy, the creator and developer of Markbox. This past week, somewhat unexpectedly, Markbox’s single server simply went away. I was in the process of moving Markbox to a new server, but the process was incomplete and the server was not ready to take on any of the application work.

When the server went away (due to some poor planning and communication on my part) I lost the app, the database, and - even more frustratingly - the database backup. Yes, phenomenally bad form on my part. This means I lost anything currently synced/posted on Markbox (which could be rebuilt from a Dropbox sync) but also means I lost information on customer accounts and their Dropxbox links.

No credit card data was stored in Markbox’s database, thanks to my partnership with Stripe. All transactions went through them.

With a full-time job and full-time family, I’ve decided that I cannot run Markbox effectively any longer. Unfortunately, Markbox never really attracted many paying customers. I’m not sure if it was the fact that there were free competitors, or the various UX issues, or something else, but interest never really gathered.

I will be refunding recent transactions to all customers. You will find all your posts and templates in your Dropbox under /apps/markbox/posts and /apps/markbox/templates.

I’m really sorry to my few customers - your encouragement was appreciated and I regret not being able to support Markbox further. A couple of you asked if I intended to make this a long term project, and it was always my intent and hope to keep it going, but that time has passed and I cannot invest into it any more.


Steve Ivy,