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PUT markdown-is-awesome.mdMARKDOWN IN /Apps/markbox/postsYOUR DROPBOX AND GET BLOGGING.

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Markbox is in Public Beta

Welcome to Markbox, a lightweight Markdown-on-Dropbox blog publishing platform. Markbox is only $6/mo while in Beta, so come join us!

You store your files on those gigabytes of space on Dropbox, because you can access it easily from your home computer, laptop, or phone, and changes are synced between your many devices.

Now you can blog with Dropbox, using any editor you like, because your blog posts are all written in Markdown.


Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. — John Gruber

Ah, Markdown - the plain-text email-like way of expressing ourselves that we love. Simple and unobstructed, we can focus on the word, the phrase, getting to the point. Thankfully, Markdown publishes to clean, attractive HTML, with all the links, images, fonts &c. the modern web reader expects.



Markbox brings two great enabling technologies together into a lightweight blogging platform. Create a new markdown file in Dropbox (like you do). A few minutes later we scan your Markbox folder and sync any new files.

There's no step 2! Your post is now live.

If you're impatient, you can hit the Update button on your Posts page and we'll pull in your new stuff RIGHT NOW.